Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Working Experience!

Hey ya'll,

I hope everyone's doing good. First, let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year (I know it's a little late but hey better late than never!). I hope this new year bring us all good luck, health and wealth!

Well, since the new year, I have been going through some new beginnings. I started work in a new place as a Lawyer and its been two weeks since I started. I have been busy so far, trying to get used to the place and the people. All I can say for now is that it's a new beginning and I am getting used to the change.

These past few weeks has been about adjusting to the change. I am not a person who takes change very well, however, as a new years resolution, I am going to have a more of an open mind and allow myself to grow together with the change.

The new place has been kind to me so far, the people as well as the place. People around here are quite nice and the icing of the cake is that my best friend is just a few miles away from me. What more could I ask for. Though she is close by, I rarely get the chance to see her. But as she would always say, we do have to make an effort despite the busy and hectic schedule.

Damansara Perdana is where I am currently. The place is quite cool however, it is my humble opinion that the food is a little pricy, it is a little bit posh, one would think. There are a number of good places around to eat such as Ikea, Ikano and Empire. I'm pretty sure people would know. Its quite a busy place especially during lunch.

These are actually all that are nice, now to the horrible part of the place = the traffic!

The traffic is quite horrible! When I started off, the schools were still on break, hence the traffic wasn't that bad, but once the school began, god it was horrible! It takes me atleast two hours to reach home! Without the traffic, it only takes me a good 20 minutes...

Yep, it's that bad!

Despite all that, I'm loving the environment of the workplace. Not as strict and uptight as the firm I used to work for, a little laid back than most .

As a new lawyer, I am actually quite excited. I hope this new beginning would be a good beginning and a stepping stone for my career!

I hope you guys have a good year and lets all pray for a good and a healthy year ahead!

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