Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Review - The Cradle Will Fall by Mary Higgins Clark

The Synopsis:-

This hospital-based horror tale features abduction and a research project that violates every principle of modern medicine. This is a reissue of a novel by a popular author often described as the 'Queen of Suspense'.

My Review:-

This is the first book from Mary Higgins Clark, and boy am I glad I read it. This is a hospital based murder mystery. Not what I expected at all. What we don't get to see in murder mystery books nowadays are the point of view of the murdered itself, interestingly, we get that here. That was one of the most interesting aspects of this book. In this story the author predicts what the outcome will be for the main character Katie DeMaio. It all began with a small incident, which leads her to meet a murder of a doctor that has never been caught for his actions. It was about a young widow prosecutor named Katie DeMaio and how she got in a small car accident, which had her end up in the hospital. The hospital was called West Lake Hospital. It had a doctor who was also a murderer, that was great for curing women that were pregnant.

Other than it's stroyline itself, the dialogues were a little awkward and the writing style itself was a little off. I would say that this is a classic styled mystery novel where you somehow know that the culprit will be caught. This book would definitely be read with an open mind.

Overall, I would rate this book 3 stars.

Would I recommend it to someone, only to people who really love murder mystery novels.  

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