Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gena Showalter - Lords of the Underworld

Okay, so apart Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter is one of my favorite author. Her books series include the Lords of the Underworld, White Rabbit Chronicles, Intertwined, Angels of the Dark, Alien Huntress and Atlantis. Although up to this point I have only read her Lords of the Underworld series, I do not doubt that her other series would be as good as the Lords of the Underworld.

So, lets talk about the Lords of the Underworld. The series are about a group of men that are cursed to carry demons that escaped from pandora's box. This may be a one liner synopsis for a series that has 15 books but you have got to read the series to know the story. Each book has one demon that needs crazy taming! Trust me when I say the demons are tamed and controlled when the men find their other halfs.
Below are the list of the books as per it's reading order:- 

  1.  The Darkest Fire (prequel novella to Lords of the Underworld)
  2. The Darkest Night - Maddox (Keeper of Violence)
  3. The Darkest Kiss - Lucien (Keeper of Death)
  4. The Darkest Pleasure - Reyes (Keeper of Pain)
  5. The Darkest Prison, novella ebook - Atlas (Titan God of Strength) 
  6. The Darkest Whisper - Sabin (Keeper of Doubt)
  7. The Darkest Angel - angel Lysander
  8. The Darkest Facts: A Lords of the Underworld Companion
  9. The Darkest Passion - Aeron (Keeper of Wrath)
  10. The Darkest Lie - Gideon (Keeper of Lies)
  11. The Darkest Secret - Amun (Keeper of Secrets)
  12. The Darkest Surrender - Strider (Keeper of Defeat)
  13. The Darkest Seduction - Paris (Keeper of Promiscuity)
  14. The Darkest Craving - Kane (Keeper of Disaster)
  15. The Darkest Touch - Torin (Keeper of Disease)

When I first discovered Gena Showalter, it was actually by mistake. I bought the first three books at a sale at a bookstore. It was quite a while before I actually read Maddox's book (The Darkest Night). It was pretty slow when I began reading but when she began uncovering their world and settings at Budapest, I totally fell in love!

One by one, the books began uncovering the underworld and each of their story was gripping than the ones before. What was interesting was the way the demons control each and everyone of the warriors and when the warriors had to battle their own demons for the love of their lives. With so many paranormal romance writers out there, this was something out of the ordinary and I'm pretty sure anyone who loves the paranormal romance, this is would definitely satisfy your need. It is action packed, romance packed and the writing is just exquisite. 

Now, all of the books that are listed above have been published of course and should be available at any bookstores around you. So please, go grab yourself a book and start reading this series because this is just plain amazing. 

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