Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Monday, December 1, 2014

Chambering Process!

Okay, so I just started blogging and I was thinking what i should actually write about. The first thing that came to my mind was my Pupillage period. See, to qualify as a Lawyer, one would have to go through 9 months of Pupillage or it is also known as Chambering. This is where you train in the chambers of a senior lawyer for 9 months, hence 'Chambering'. 
The first step you do when you start chambering/pupillage is to get to know the firm that you will be chambering in. Well, lets face it, that office and its inhabitants will be your best friends for the nect 9 month of your life so you would be better off being friends with them whether you like it or not. The first few weeks at the beginning of your pupillage period will determine whether your life for the next 9 months will be miserable or a breeze. 

Once you're familiar with the firm, then start filling up your forms. The forms that you should be filling up is Borang 1 & 2. I know you're excited, I know you want to start your 9 months as soon as possible but believe me when I say don't rush when you're filling up the forms. One mistake, your form is rejected and you're going to have to put in a corrective affidavit. You can get the forms from Bar Council or check out from any one of your lawyers, they probably might have some forms with them. But do check with Bar council if those are the same formats. 

Your Borang 1 is significant because the date that you file the form would be the date you start your pupillage. From that date, exactly 9 months later, your pupillage ends. The suppoting affidavit to your Borang 1 is your Borang 2. Your going to have to sign it before a Commissioner of Oaths. Once affirmed, you're ready to file. Before that make sure the supporting documents for your Borang 1 is complete and is Certified by an advocate. Just ask one the lawyers in your firm to certify the copies. Please get it right, putting in corrective affidavits in the beginning of your chambering period is like jinxing your whole 9 months. Like I said, don't rush! Take you time, and get it right!

Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee has a Pupillage Handbook that you will find helpful. (

KL Bar Committee also gives guidelines for you to fill in the forms. 

These are extremely helpful when your starting your pupillage. Once you filed your Borang 1 & 2, you're going to have to photocopy 32 sets of your Borang 2. If your filing it in KL, just go down to the Level B1 of Jalan Duta Court Complex, they will do it for you. You will have to take your 32 sets of your Borang 2 and send it to Level 2 - Bahagian Rayuan & Kuasa-Kuasa Khas (RKKK). You're going to have to make 3 sets of Borang 1 & 2, to serve those to the Bar Council, State Bar Committe (depends on which state your chambering in) and The Attorney Generals Chambers (AG). 

Once served on all the three bodies, you have to file in your Affidavit of Service containing the date and time you served on the bodies. When you're serving to the 3 bodies, make sure you get them to stamp the back of your original copy (filing copy). That copy you will have to exhibit it for your Affidavit of Service. Do your endorsement as well on the stamped page. File in your affidavit of service and you can now proceed to file your short call papers!

Look out for my next blog for Borang 3,4,5 (Short Call Papers)!
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