Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey hey...

Well, this is the first time i'm blogging on a public domain! so if there's something wrong or something that's not right, bare with me kay!

Right, so I'm from a small town called Port Klang. Most people don't exactly know where Port Klang is.. Well let me tell you something, it is kinda at the far corner, well one corner of Selangor! I'm a practicing Lawyer in KL and I'm into creative writing. I don't know if people would read what i write but hey, you never know till you try right.

This blog will carry most of my ramblings, venting and the creative writing that I'm actually attempting to write. If you read something you like or dont like, please let me know! That would a huge help!

So look forward for more blogging! See ya soon!

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