Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Niece's 21st birthday celebration!

We celebrated
my niece's 21st birthday. The whole family decided to celebrate her birthday at a restaurant called Restoran Zam Zam at Oasis 9, Shah Alam.

The Restaurant serves mostly Arab food. It's situated at a row of shoplots opposite of Concorde Hotel. They cater food and hall for functions like weddings, birthdays and engagement. The food served was quite tasty. I'm not that sure about their food at the restaurant itself, but judging by the food that was served at the party it was quite good.

The function was held at a small hall at the first floor of the restaurant. It caters for about 200 people. The decoration was done by the restaurant itself. All in all it was a very pleasant restaurant. The staff were friendly and willing to accomodate the guests requests. 

There was ample of parking space in front of the restaurant for the guests depending on the crowd. The restaurant also has another hall which bigger to cater for bigger functions like a wedding. There was a wedding hall equipped with lifts to the first and the second floor.   

I was really impressed with the ballroom and their concept of middle eastern decoration and their Arabic food. I would definitely go back there to try their food on the menu!